Chivita Icetea


There’s a new trend in town, haven’t you heard?

The whole town has caught the bug,

Your sister, your brother and yes that close friend, 

Don’t hate, we would still welcome you with a hug.

It’s a community of young, smart, and active persons,

They turn to this tasty refreshing drink in all seasons,

Reason, to stay refreshed and rejuvenated,

This new life is more than expected.

Do you wish to stay woke, active and light?

Or have a great drink to make you feel alright?

Then step out of what you know,

Get a Chivita Ice Tea, and enjoy the Flow.

Cos we care so much for you,

We are sending this invitation to all Ice Tea drinkers like you

Feel free, follow the link below to join the Tea Side Community on Facebook.

And get in on this new trend with other cool peeps like you.

There’s never a dull moment on the Tea Side,

Play games, enjoy health tips, and get celebrity handshakes with lots of freebies on the side,

All at zero cost,

This community is where you belong,

You are Welcome.
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