CoreWorX lets you earn like a developer without coding skills

Coding is always a lot of work that requires a lot of time and focus.

With the vast array of programming languages available, it is always difficult to choose which one to learn, especially as they could become outdated after a couple of years.

Learning to code offers a lot of benefits, especially if you’re earning a retainer fee as a developer, which provides a passive income that keeps on giving without the 9-to-5 daily hustle.

But how about earning developer and retainer fees without coding skills?

That’s what CoreWorX, a Lagos-based software development company, is currently doing — helping non-developers become IT consultants and earn money by deploying IT solutions to schools, factories and other industries— after a brief training.

The company says it distributes its solutions to industries such as manufacturing, educational, sales, supply chain and HR management, primarily through enrolling partners, individuals and companies by training using hands-on approach to facilitate tailor-made implementations.

“We offer our solutions as tools to partners while they in turn deploy our solutions by adapting our unique software features to solving real world problems,� it says on its website.

One of its IT consultants says CoreWorX made him comfortable as a non-developer and now he earns deployment fees and retainer fees. “I can say, it is the best training I have ever had,� he told Techloy.

This video is an example of CoreWorX Solutions’ deployments in a convenience store.

If you would be interested to get the training, deploy solutions and earn money, you can call CoreWorX on 08108585191 or WhatsApp via 07010463727 or visit their office at Suite 2, Rear Park Wing Adebola House, Opebi, Ikeja.

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